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Love animals? Love nature? Love the outdoors? Then this box is perfect for you and your little one! It was created just for your little boy or girl’s perfect birthday party. From the cutest little bear plates, to the mushroom napkins and multi-coloured balloons. No detail was unthought of. Just imagine all the little kids running around wearing the cutest little animal ears. Perfect Party...in a box has everything you need to have the best woodland-themed party you could ever imagine.

Our Perfect Party Boxes come complete with “Your Party Style Guide”. It's full of tips, tricks and advise to hosting your next great event. 

Cake Design by: Hobby Cakes www.hobbycakes.com

Included in your box:

Bear Plates (pkg 12)                       PO8:   1         

Scalloped Kraft Plate (pkg 8)         PO8:    1      

Natural Wooden Cutlery (pkg 24)  PO8:    1

Mushroom Napkin (pkg 16)           PO8:    1       

Green Polka Dot Napkins               PO8:   1          

Gold Rimmed Kraft Cup (pkg 8)     PO8:   1       

Let's Explore Animal Ears (pkg 8)   PO8:  1

Triangle Banner                              PO8:    1             

Orange Balloons 12" (pkg 10)         PO8:   1         

Pink Balloons 12” (pkg 10)              PO8:   1         

Turquoise Balloons 12" (pkg 10)     PO8:    1       

Goldrod Balloons 12" (pkg 10)        PO8:   1     

Perfect Party Style Guide (1)           PO8: 1



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