Into the Woods! | Woodland Themed Party

The Woodlands Box has to be one of my favourite boxes to date, as it’s so true to where we both currently live, and the natural beauty that surrounds us. We knew right from the beginning of Perfect Party…in a Box! that we wanted to have a joint birthday party for our 3-year-olds this year, and started throwing around ideas as to what would best suit a little boy as well and a little girl. Let me just say that it's not easy to try and create a birthday for a boy who’s totally a little man, but also for a little girl who’s in love with all things pretty and pink. But we found a solution, and this beautiful woodlands theme was brought to life! Boy oh boy did both our kids just love it :)

There are so many fun elements to this party. One of the hits of the day had to be the woodlands dress-up head pieces. All the kids loved wearing these, running around with them on, and deciding which animal they wanted to be.

Also check these out - the cutest little bear plates ever, right? We paired them with mushroom-and-polkadot napkins, and we think it goes just perfectly.

For all the little girls, we added a pink bow with a burlap ribbon we found. It was such a  great way to some of this party’s elements more feminine. How perfect would this be for a twin boy and girl?

We also had these custom banner-garlands made to bring the party and the matching balloons together. Doesn’t it add the nicest touch?

We hope you enjoy this box as much as we do.

Until next time, keep Partying!

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