Tropical Vibes Only- A Fabulous Baby shower

Tropical vibes baby shower

We know celebrating that mama-to-be and having a baby shower isn't the same as  it was a few months ago but we know one day everything will be back to normal. Soon we will be back to having big celebrations and being surrounded by our besties but until then we are going to reminisce about this fabulous shower from February.

When we were asked to help decorate for a sweet Mama-to-be’s baby shower, we knew we had to give her nothing but the best. She and her hubby decided to keep the sex a secret , so that meant a gender neutral party was in order. 

I have to say that everything came together perfectly. The party was hosted at a friends condo complex and the room was beautiful. It made for easy decorating with high ceilings and open space

.tropical cup   

Her only request other than having an earthy, tropical vibe was to have fresh flowers and a balloon arch where everyone could take pictures. The balloon arch fit perfectly on the big wall of the complex and allowed for everyone to gather below. We added in some tropical leaves and gold confetti balloons for a nice metallic pop.

white ballon arch 

Both Jenna and I love flowers and have always agreed that a party isn't complete without florals. Being as I studied floral design in school and have worked in the industry for over 15 years, I was in my element designing these floral arrangements. This is  still a passion of mine and I feel just like a little kid in a candy shop every time we get to create beautiful florals for our customers.

The cake was done by a fabulous Toronto baker named sandybeetreats. We added a few sprigs of eucalyptus around the base to bring in the earthy vibes and the amazing cookies were done by another wonderful Toronto baker named fabulance_cookies. Seriously though, how perfect, right?

Now, who wants to have a party? I know I would love to recreate this fabulous party any day. Since we loved all the elements of this party so much we decided to create a very similar party box so you can have all the tropical vibes for your next gathering. Check out our Eco-Friendly Tropical Party Box on our website.

eco friendly tropical party in a box   Tropical birthday invitation

Love and Tropical vibes!!

Until next time, Keep Partyin’

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