Top 12 Activities for Birthday Party Fun

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We all know how hard it is to keep kids entertained and busy for a longer period of time. But don’t stress…that’s why you have us! This list of ideas will help keep your little ones having the best time at their next birthday. The best part is any of these ideas can be customized to go with any theme your party might be.

1. Face Painting - What child doesn’t love to get their face painted? I know mine does every opportunity he has. This is probably one of the easiest ways to engage all the kids. They can become dinosaurs or mermaids. How about a wild animal or space robot? Also, it's great to combine with idea #5!!!!

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2. Petting Zoo - Why not hire a local wildlife sanctuary, or a small animal/reptile zoo to come over and show the kids the most fun, unique little creatures? It will keep them entertained for hours. They will love having the opportunity to see and touch some animals they usually don’t get up close

3. Treasure Hunt - Send all the guests on a custom treasure hunt. Use the great outdoors or if weather doesn’t permit, make a treasure map for around the house. All you have to do is make a map that corresponds with your party theme, like for your little princesses, pirates or outdoor adventurers, hide the treasure and set up clues for your little ones to find.

4. Dress Up - Every little kid loves to dress up and play make believe. Grab some old scarves and hats or fun Halloween costumes. This will keep kids entertained for hours. Also, great to combine with idea #5!!!!

5. Photo Booth - create a custom background based on your party theme, have the kids find some props, or purchase some fun props/masks from our website! Take it to the next level by providing a dress up bin.  Take pictures that will last a lifetime and double as a take home gift for all your guests.

6. Art and Crafts - This option can be very budget friendly. Print off a bunch of pictures for kids to colour that correspond with your theme. You can put out markers, crayons or paint and allow them to go wild to creating their next masterpiece. Take it to the next level by adding sparkles, glue, ribbons, feathers and any other craft supplies. *Check out our Pinterest page for even more unique party crafts that directly correspond with your Perfect Party.

7. Planting seeds or creating a Small garden - At the kids Woodland Adventure Party one of the activities was a seed planting station where the kiddos could choose their favourite seed to plant, take it home and watch them grow. Let me just say how much they loved it. Another popular idea these days is creating a small fairy or insect garden. Such a fun item to take home and enjoy for months to come.

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8. Fun Games - The classic games that everyone will love playing. There are so many to choose from. How ever will you decide? These can all be played at basically no additional cost. Just to name a few of my personal favourites… Musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey or place the crown on the princess, duck duck goose, relay races, the “what’s missing” game, ring toss, bobbing for apples, pass the parcel, bean bag toss, Simon says, Bingo, or the donut game.

9. Decorate your own cupcake or cookies - Need I say anymore? Bake your favourite flavoured cupcake or cookies and grab some icing and an assortment of toppings. Just let them go wild. All the toppings may be gone before they make it onto the cupcake or cookie. 😊

10. Movie Theatre or Homemade Movie Night - Whether its Summer or Winter this idea can be great. Get out of the house take the kids to a local theatre for the newest blockbuster! Looking for something a little more budget friendly? No problem! All you need is a few sheets and pillows. How fun would it be to create your outdoor theatre under the stars or turn your basement into your homemade movie theatre. Just add some treats and you’re set!!!

11. Obstacle course - You’ll need a little bit of space for this activity but it can certainly be done inside or outside. Grab household items like pillows, hoola hoops, large boxes and allow kids jump and crawl around your custom course.

12. Quiet Book Corner - Every little one needs a few minutes to themselves. Create a quiet reading nook with some pillows and blankets or a small fort and put out a few books for the kids to read through.

Until next time, keep Partyin'

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