There's Nothing Better Than Birthday Cake

birthday party cakes

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved hosting and attending parties. Even when I was the tiny age of eight to ten years old, you could find me hosting tea parties for friends and my stuffy’s too! I also loved taking charge in creating personalized place settings for family dinners. As I entered into my adult years, most of my friends liked to refer to me as “Martha”. Ha-ha.

When my eldest turned one, I found myself trying to come up with a cake, one that didn’t have too much sugar but yet matched the theme of his party (The Little Hungry Caterpillar). I really surprised myself in the joy that I found creating and decorating the little individual cake I served him for his first “cake smash”.  I went on making different cakes over the years such as fire trucks, star wars spaceships and even teaming up with Nicole to make matching Minnie and Mickey Mouse cakes.

Now, all you moms know how crazy life can get and despite my love for baking a cake, it became more of challenge finding the time to fit everything in. Planning a party the way I loved to do it and baking a cake was becoming quite the task!

When it came time to plan Jax’s 4th birthday (a Ninja Turtle theme), I came across a local company called Hobby Cakes. I completely fell in love with her designs and was lucky enough that she had availability to make a cake for us. Cowabunga!!

birthday party cake

Then my daughter’s first birthday rolled around and it was a fantastic opportunity to let Jocelyn at Hobby Cakes work her magic!

It was perfectly designed for her Up, Up and Away 1st Birthday.

Recently we were able to team up with Hobby Cakes for our little one’s third birthdays, The Woodland Adventure. Since they go to the same daycare, we decided to invite the whole class. Yes... call us nuts! Haha. But it turned out beautifully. We opted to go with two individual cakes. One for the birthday boy and one for the girl and then matching mushroom themed cupcakes for all the kids that attended.


Jocelyn at Hobby Cakes understood our vision right from the start and she was so much fun to work with. The cakes were absolutely stunning with the perfect elements of a woodland theme. I just loved the little flower crown on top of my daughter’s cake and the details of mini mushrooms around the cakes. Let's not forget how tasty everything was! We can’t thank her enough for her kindness, professionalism and talent. If you live in Muskoka please be sure to check out her website at

Until next time, keep partying!

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