The Perfect Neon Party

The Perfect Neon Party
Maybe it’s because Jenna and I were both born in the 80’s, but there’s something about bright, neon colours that just make us so happy!! The Neon Box was actually one of the first boxes we ever came up with, because we wanted to share our love of colour with everyone. 
One thing I love most about this box is its versatility - this party is perfect for every occasion. Whether you’re looking to host a birthday party (for a kid or an adult), a bridal shower, a bachelorette, or even a unique dinner party, this box is filled with so much FUN that it will give any event the brightest touch!
Looking inside the box, there are so many unique items that we just love. It was actually really hard to narrow them down when we were designing it - from the Neon Confetti, to the star specs, to the flying-star cake topper. We also love the treat bag - I mean, who doesn’t love a treat bag filled with candy. The hardest part, though, will just be narrowing down the types of candy you want to serve!
Fun Fact: Recently, it was actually requested that I bring some of the star spectacles to a friend’s wedding. She said they were an absolute must-have for some late-night fun!!!
Another part of the box, the Balloon Garland is super easy to create. Each box actually comes with a tutorial of how to create it yourself! You just have to make sure you leave yourself a bit of time to get it ready. To be honest, we were a little scared to tackle the Ballon Garland when we first came up with the idea, but Jenna and I then realized that ANYONE can do it. We got together one Friday night, had a glass of wine….AND BAM…done. It’s such a great idea for a photo backdrop as well! In saying that, we’ve really tried to make sure that every one of our party boxes has some sort of unique background you can easily set up as a photo backdrop - because what party is complete without some amazing photos??
File 2017-11-13, 9 30 49 PM.jpeg
FUN D.I.Y: Cut up an old cardboard box to create a fun and unique photo frame. We covered ours with black (or colourful) duct tape and added some fun letters. You could add the name of the type of party you’re hosting, who it’s for, or even just a fun saying - it’s here that you can really let your personality shine! The options are endless. Then all you have to do is grab your friends, put on the fun star specs, and take some pictures. You will have the memories forever 
Nicole xxoo

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