Pretty in Pastel Party

Pretty in Pastel Party
We seriously do have the best job, haha!!! That’s because it was just sooo much fun picking out the wonderful items in this box. Everything is just so soft and sweet, and who doesn’t love some wonderful pastel colours? If you haven’t checked out each item in this box yet, you definitely need too!!!
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Just like the Party Description says…this box exudes elegance with soft pastel hues and a touch of gold.  Perfectly created for a little girl’s birthday party (perhaps their first!) or even hosting your BFF’s baby shower,  the options really are endless and that’s why Jenna and I love this one so much.
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I’m always a believer that you can take your party to the next level by simply adding some little personal touches. For this one, we grabbed some mason jars we had in the cupboard, tied them with lace and twine, and filled them with some straws and cutlery. We also added some pink lisianthus and spray roses to a coloured vase, because we think every party NEEDS to have flowers. I seriously LOVE flowers, but definitely believe that you don’t need to spend a fortune on them  - you could even try picking some from your garden when they are in season!
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I hope you enjoy this Party Box theme as much as we do!
Nicole xxoo


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