New Mini Party Kits

Both Jenna and I love to spend hours upon hours searching for unique, fun items to bring to you. When we saw this line from one of our favs we knew we had to carry it.  It screams a combination of sophistication & fun. If you're looking for an excuse to host a gathering this summer - look no farther! 

Now, we do know not everyone loves to host a party but what’s one to do when your bestie, or sister or mama is celebrating a special occasion? That’s why we are making it easier for each of you to throw an awesome party. These chic, modern mini kits are effortless and will bring your party to the next level making it even easier to be the hostess with the mostest. We know your guests will be impressed and your tableware will be the highlight of the party.

Meet our 4 best friends…





Each of the Mini Party Kits include: 

  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Large Plates
  • Appetizer/Dessert Plates

Need to add cutlery or some décor??? No Problem, we love how versatile these kits are and they can go with just about anything...

These birch wood cutlery are a perfect addition to the Party Kit.

perfect party birch cutlery

Why not add a gold party banners? We've got lots to choose from.

perfect party banner

We love how simple and sophisticated these party kits are.  They would be ideal for events such as a baby shower, birthday party, christening, ladies night in or even a bridal shower. What party are you planning next?

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do :)

Until Next Time, Keep Partyin' 


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