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Here in Ontario, as like many other places in the world, school is closed. We have hunkered down, each with our own families, while trying to find a new normal. 

One thing that I certainly don’t miss is having to pack lunches daily. But my goodness, do my children ever love to snack! It feels like every 10 minutes one of them is in the cupboard, fridge or pantry scouring for something delicious. 

One of my favourite go-to entertaining snacks has always been a charcuterie board. Loaded with delicious spicy meat, honeycomb and applewood smoked cheddar. Have a peak at our Ultimate Charcuterie Board blog post from last year. Now with a little extra time on our hands, and two little kiddos on a constant eat-a-thon, it was never a better time to reconstruct the traditional charcuterie platter. 

My kids absolutely LOVED being able to snack on some of their favourite foods and it was a great way to sneak in a whole lot of healthy and fun options! Think bright colours, variety of textures and use of everyday kitchen gadgets (silicone muffin cups and cookie cutters).

Here are some items to get you started.

Charcuterie Vision Board Perfect Party

Monkey Bites (wraps, banana and nut butter), Goldfish, Hummus, Meats and Cheeses (cut into fun shapes), Exotic Fruits (dragon fruit, star fruit or mango), Berries, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Yogurt Covered Raisins, Hummus, Mini Sweet Pickles, Crinkle Cut Carrots and Animal Shaped Chicken Nuggets. 

One last tip, get your kids involved! Nothing is better than getting them into the kitchen, picking items, cutting and designing the layout for their own platter. Enjoy!


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