Jenna's Summer Favourites!

Well, I certainly never need an excuse to plan a party, host a party or attend a party. But for some reason when the days get warmer and daylight is longer it just feels like even more reason to par-tay!

One thing Nicole and I like to do is shop! And let me tell you, it is NOT easy to pick product for our shop (we want it all!). Not only are we creating custom party boxes, but we are also trying to establish a well rounded “all things party” website. There are so many awesome items on market; sometimes it’s just so hard to pick.

Here are a few of my favourites items this summer season:

                              Ice Cream Plates and Ice Cream Striped CupsIce Cream Plates and Cups Perfect Party In a BoxIf these don’t say summer- then what does? I absolutely love the colour and shape of the Ice Cream Plates. Perfect for an ice cream birthday bash or an extra special play date in the summer sun. You could totally set up a fun DIY sundae bar.

My favourite thing about these striped ice cream cups is that they come with a perfect little wooden spoon. They are just the right size to scoop that creamy, ice-cold deliciousness into your mouth. It brings me back to my childhood and ice cream loving days.

Next on my hit list is the botanical flower garland (it pairs perfectly with the Blossom and Brogues Plates and Chalk Board Signs). This garland is so feminine and pretty. We recently strung it into a beautiful balloon garland at a 40th birthday. Its also super pretty hanging from large helium filled balloons.

Now lets talk flamingo!! Flamingo’s are definitely on trend this year. We couldn’t resist creating the Let’s Flamingle Party Box. But what I really love are these awesome shiny bright pink Flamingo shaped plates. Like honestly- can they get any cuter?!?!

I could keep going...because seriously there are way to many awesome things this season. But instead hang tight for Nicole's favourite party items. 

Until Next Time, Keep Paryin'

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