How it all Began...

How it all Began...
It all started with a Facebook message - not a text or an email. Looking back, Jenna and I didn't even know each other that well yet, and hadn't even exchanged phone numbers. We had met the previous year at a mommy-and-baby group, and had stayed in touch for mommy nights out and play dates.  Reading over the message now - one I’ve saved in my archives - I can't help but chuckle from start to finish. It started out with, “So this is really random …” and took off from there. The journey of a life time. 
We met at a local pub later that week and started discussing life, our children, hopes, dreams, and of course, the business and our future. After a few glasses of wine - and what we both thought was a fabulous conversation - we decided to embark on this wonderful adventure together. The adventure of starting Perfect a Box. At that time, though, it was still unnamed, and we didn’t actually come up with the name for several months.
As I sit here laughing to myself, I can’t help but think: “Little did we know how much blood, sweat, and tears would be involved!” We actually thought: “Oh, we’ll plan some boxes and sell them!” If only I could have know then what I know now, haha!!!  As we quickly learned, there's a lot more to running a business than meets the eye.
Right off the hop, we were in-sync with ideas. To be honest, it was actually kind of scary how we seemed to agree on everything - from concepts, to loves, hates and so on. We slowly learned about each other and the number of things we had in common (almost too many to be coincidental). Our birthdays are just a couple of days apart, our children were also born just a couple of days apart, we both love red wine, we drive the exact same kind of vehicle, and heck, we even had the same wedding song... and that's just the beginning.  I could go on forever, as our list of commonalities keeps growing. Just the other day, we came across another thing and said “We’ve got to add that one to our list!” Nevertheless, the “seemingly flawless” adventure of starting our business and coming up with all the concepts for our boxes was (and still is) so thrilling. We couldn’t wait to make it reality.
Almost like it was all meant to be, from that point on, everything just kind of fell into place. It only took about 6 months longer than what we thought (but that’s a whole different blog post all together, haha) and now it’s quickly becoming all that we’d hoped for. But let’s be real here, starting a business is really freaking tough. In saying that, though, we knew we had found our perfect business match within each other when we would be texting at all hours, panicking about not being able to do this, or not being able to do that. But always, suddenly, one of us would have the most reassuring feeling and somehow manage to calm the other, always knowing deep-down that we could do this, and just needed to push forward. Even now, we always seem to balance each other out - especially at times when its needed most - and can’t wait to see where the journey of Perfect Party… in a Box will take us.
I was always told that running a business isn’t easy, because if it were, everyone would be doing it - and boy have I ever learned the truth in that! Nevertheless, Jenna and I are both so excited to see what the future holds for our little business, and to see how our idea evolves. 
Be sure to stay tuned, because there’s so much fun stuff to come!
Until next time,
Nicole xxoo

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