Fiesta Fun with Delicious Guacamole

It’s Fiesta Time! With Cinco de Mayo here we thought no better time then to highlight our Fiesta Fun Perfect Party Box.

This concept has been with us from the beginning, and shockingly we have only just pulled all the pieces together to share it with you. We had so many ideas for this theme, and honestly there were to many options making it hard to narrow it down. When we start a design process there are a lot of different elements we look at. We are always conscious of the product quality, variety of options, uniqueness of party decor and the over all value. Specifically for this party we had a hard time narrowing down all the different elements (we wanted it all!) but boy something’s are worth waiting for. 

 A few of our favourite elements include the festoon party lights, easy to string inside or out. They are completely reusable and will definitely set the mood as the sun goes down. Bright colourful party fans will transform your party space, easily hung from a wall (perfect photo back drop option) or laid flat down the center of your table. Finally there is a little something for the kids, or kids at heart J. The mini tabletop piñatas are handmade and filled with 6 little surprises, a super fun activity while sipping margaritas.


Jenna is excited to share one of her go to Guacamole and Pita Chip Recipes. We think it's pretty delicious and definitely fitting for this party.

Until Next Time, Keep Partyin' 



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