Dont forget about your four legged friend

Celebrate that fur baby too

I have to admit I used to give a little chuckle every time someone would tell me they were celebrating their fur babies’ birthday. I thought to myself why? Dogs don’t know it’s their birthday, they don’t know any better.

But… it wasn’t soon after that my husband and I found ourselves falling madly in love with the sweetest little puppy. We knew from the moment we saw her that she was meant to be ours. We took her home and spoiled her rotten. I mean, she’s part of the family now.

We always loved to celebrate our pup’s birthday and each year it slowly evolved into a bigger and bigger day but it wasn’t until we had kids that it really started to be an exciting festivity. It was a day to celebrate our puppy and how much we love her. My son made her a homemade card, he picked out a new little toy and we got her a special treat.

Now, everyone knows I love to have a party. When my son suggested we decorate and wrap up her present so he could “help” her open it, my heart nearly exploded.  He loves to celebrate just as much as I do.

I quickly grabbed our Pawty Box and we got right to it. We had so much fun hanging streamers and throwing confetti around.  Our puppy even joined in on the action. It was such a lovely time. The best part was seeing their faces as they got to run around and make a mess without me saying a word. I just love this cute little Party Box. It comes with streamers, a toy, a birthday flag, a bow tie and of course a party hat. It’s everything you need to celebrate your four legged friend!

pawty box

pawty box

Check out this super easy Dog treat recipe I love to make for our Pup…

pumpkin oat dog treats


Tell us about what you do to celebrate your K9 friends

Until next time, keep on Partyin’

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