DIY Moss Numbers

What you need:

Sheet Moss

This is a super easy and super fun way to create a customized monogram or number for your party! Be sure to check out our Woodlands Box to see our own custom birthday number, that we made for our kiddos’ party. It was very easy to make, and a lot of fun too!

All you need to do is trace out your letter or number of choice to the size that you would like. Feel free to just free-hand it, like I did. The moss will cover any imperfections 😊

I made mine about 36” just to make it a statement piece, but you can certainly make it larger or smaller depending on the space you plan to put it.

After the number or letter is cut out, cover the front side of the cardboard with glue (you can use hot glue or spray glue) and slowly added small pieces of moss to it. It’s best to use smaller pieces vs larger pieces as they’re easier to place, and create a more natural look.


And voilà….your very own moss number! Here’s a pic of my finished product:

Hope you enjoy this DIY as much as we do :)

Until next time, keep Partying!

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