DIY Kids Teepee


Ever since we decided to do a woodlands theme, I had my mind set on making a couple of teepees for the kids to play in. I searched high and low to find the perfect tutorial to help me create my vision, but when I came across the one from the, it was so perfect and so easy to follow, that I knew it was the one! What we love most about it, though, is that she is a fellow Canadian mom doing what she loves to do - sharing her creative ideas with everyone. Be sure to check out her easy steps for creating your very own teepee:

Here are a few pictures from my experience making the teepees!

I decided to add a custom monogram for each of the kids on their teepee, just to make them feel a little extra special.



Now, the best part is that these cute teepees are in each of their rooms, and have become the perfect place for them to read, play and have fun.

Until next time, keep Partying!

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