We have to be honest… WE LOVE BALLOON Garlands!!!!!

We have always wanted to make one and think they are so fabulous for any party.  So ,we came up with an easy way to create our very own for our Neon Box

Have you ever wanted to create the most fabulous balloon garland?

Its so fun and so easy to do just follow these simple steps to create yours


What you will need

30-40  (more if you want it longer) 11”or 12”  latex balloons- ANY COLOUR YOU WANT

Needle and Thread

Hand pump (optional)

garland decals or flowers (optional)

Balloon Garland
1. Inflate your balloons. Either by using a hand pump or blow them up by mouth.  Approx. 10 full size and the rest only1/3 to half full.

2. Cut a piece of thread or fishing line. Approximately 18 to 20 ft. tread through with a needle making sure to tie the end.

3. Make sure to leave approximate 1-2 feet on each end for hanging later

4. Start threading the balloons through the needle. Making sure the needle goes through below the knot so you don’t puncture the air filled part of the balloon.

5. Alternate the balloon size and colours. No need to follow any sort of pattern. We did 1 large then 3 small.

6. Slide the balloons tight together and keep adding the rest of the balloons

7. Hang the balloon garland in the desired place.

8. Once hung you can maneuver the balloons around to get your desired look and feel.

9. Add in the Neon Tassel garland throughout. This can be completely random. Use tape to secure. (Optional).

10. Add in a few blooms of flowers and greenery. It always adds a nice touch (optional)

11. Party on and Enjoy!


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