D.I.Y. Your very own Boozey Botanicals

DIY floral Ice cubes

One if this years most beautiful trends is ice cube botanicals and we love anything that involves flowers. I don't think there could be any better way to make that drink a little extra special and its the perfect way to add some style to your gathering.
Now, it  takes a bit longer then you think so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time!
First step is to choose your favourite ice cube tray(s). I decided I wanted a variety of shapes and styles so I  could  use an assortment of flowers. I chose long skinny cubes, cute little round ones and large square ones. It made for a really nice assortment. To save yourself disappointment and aggravation choose a tray that’s made from silicone so it’s easiest to pop out without damaging your ice cubes.
Next, you'll need to choose you favourite edible flowers. Even though you aren’t actually eating these you want to make sure the varieties that you choose are indeed edible and pesticide free, just to be safe. Here are some of my favourite…
edible flowers

3. Now it's time to make the ice cubes. You’re going to want to purchase distilled water and then boil it. This will give you the clearest ice cubes. Fill the trays about ½ full with water then place your flower(s) in. Once you’ve complete this with the whole tray place into the freezer until frozen.  Once frozen remove from the freezer and fill the rest of the tray with water. This will ensure the flowers are in the middle of the ice cube.  Return to the freezer and let freeze.
edible ice cube   edible ice cube
Once your beautiful botanicals are all frozen remove from the trays and place in your favourite drink or bowl to display around your champagne or wine bottle.
edible ice cube        edible icecubes        edible ice cubes
edible ice cube

Until Next Time, Keep Partyin'

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