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Ahoy Matey!!! 

This year's birthday was a little bitter sweet for us. This year was the first year that Aiden and Piper didn't have their birthdays together (heartbreak). This decision didn't come easy to Jenna and I, but we thought that we would let them decide what they wanted to do for their own birthdays. Piper decided she wanted to go on a family adventure to the Great Wolf Lodge and Aiden wanted to invite a few of his new kindergarten friends over for a house party. 

When I first asked Aiden what he wanted to do for his birthday he immediately said “Pirate Party” and he never wavered from that. I absolutely loved planning this party with him, but let me say, trying to bring Aiden’s party vision to reality was a task in itself. Every day, I mean everyday, he was so excited to talk about his birthday. He wanted to look at pictures and think up activities. It was super fun to see all the neat things his little, I mean, BIG imagination came up with.

Here are some of the highlights:


pirate costumes pirate balloon

One of the major elements Aiden wanted to do was build a Pirate ship for him and his friends could play in. Thankfully, I have a super talented hubby that was able to execute this amazingly. We used these neat cardboard rivets that worked amazingly to hold everything together nice and tight. The best thing is they are reusable so we can create lots more projects in the future.

pirate ship

The art project was one of my favourites. We decided it would be neat for him and his friends to have swords to play with. I cut out sword shapes with some of the left over Pirate ship cardboard and taped the edges so the kiddos wouldn't cut themselves. Then put out a bunch of different stickers, markers and string to let the kids decorate them. After the swords were done the kids got dressed up in pirate costumes and played the day away in the Pirate ship.

decorate your own pirate sword

Then, we served the kids lunch and played 3 games to keep them occupied for the rest of the 2 hours. The timing worked out perfectly. I wanted to make sure the kids were entertained enough that they didn't get bored but didn't want to overwhelm them with stuff to do. We all know how long the attention span of a 4/5 year old is, so it was a very fine line. The games we played were “Pin the patch on the Pirate”, “Captain Hook's Ring Toss” and “ Pirate Tin Can Toss”. 

pin the patch on the pirate  pirate tin can toss  pirate ring toss

Our amazing cake lady from Hobby Cakes created this fabulous cake for Aiden! When she asked Aiden what he would like for his cake his only request was “sprinkles!!!”. I didn’t know how she was going to pull this off but let me tell you he almost hit the ceiling when he cut open his cake and a ton of sprinkles came pouring out. It was such a super fun element. Jocelyn is super talented and can pull off any request.

Pirate cake

Aiden made the take home bags all by himself and picked out all the items he wanted to include in the bag. Some of the items included Candy ring pop, a gold bar filled with jelly beans, chocolate coins, pirate tattoos, pirate stickers, and a Disney Pirate book.

pirate treat bags

There you have it, a super fun pirate party!! Did you love this party as much as we did? Grab your Mates and come sail the ocean blue with us. This party was so much fun we decided to launch it in our new 2020 Party box collection and is now available for purchase.  See the Ahoy Mateys Box for all the details.

pirate party in a box 

Until Next time, 

Keep Partyin’

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