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I can’t tell you when this idea jumped into my head. However I can tell you, that when it did, I was full steam ahead. It was so exciting to have an idea come to fruition during this pandemic, not to mention, actually having something to look forward to. 

Prior to all the new rules and regulations related to physical distancing, my husband and I would spend a fair amount of time getting together with our close friends in town. After 3 weeks of not seeing them, it was time to get creative! 

Recently we had given some Cheer Boxes away to local children who were missing out on their birthday parties. I wanted to spread the cheer to not only strangers, but to some of our friends as well. I was super excited to bring a smile to their faces and knew they would be surprised. 

Right of the bat, I knew that I had some mini processco bottles in the liquor cabinet- a perfect start to any party! I paired that with two champagne flutes, and then pondered what else would be a good fit. After a little research I learned that potato chips are a fantastic combo with champagne. So with nothing but time on my hands, I got into the kitchen and pulled off some yummy homemade chips. Check out the recipe I used - HERE

Potato Chips and Mini Champagne Bottles

They are definitely best eaten the day of. But I promise once you eat one, it’s hard to stop! For another snack, I scooped up small bags of chocolates on my weekly grocery trip. 

Next I developed a cute little invitation that had specifics on it - like when the party was and what app to download. We also included a small little trivia game, to test how well our friends knew us. The invitation instructed them to answer the questions before the start of the party and the winner would receive a small prize at a later date. 

Invitation and Party Trivia Game

I packed everything up nicely in a little bag with tissue paper, the invitation attached to the outside and a helium balloon tied to the bag handles. Our goal was to discreetly drop off the party bag on each of our friends' doorsteps - ensuring we maintained our physical distancing.

                                     Doorstep drop off party bagParty good in teal bag

If you're worried about giving items to your friends during the pandemic, you can easily adapt what I did. A few options include: only drop off items that can be wiped down. For example, omit the homemade potato chips. Send the invitation virtually, via text message or email and provide some suggestions on drinks or snacks that way you don't actually have to leave the house for any drop off.  It’s the thought that counts, and I guarantee your friends will love it, no matter which way you decide to proceed. 

That night we all logged into the House Party App at 9 pm. Although the connection was initially a little rocky, we ended up having a great night with a lot of laughs and fun for over 2 hours! But an epic fail trying to take a screen shot of us all, ha ha.

Who knew a virtual party could bring such joy and happiness. My soul was definitely happy, and we can’t wait to do it again (if we have too)!

Until Next Time, 

Keep Partyin’


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