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Right now we’ve got nothing but time so I was looking through all my photos and reminiscing about the last year. 

It’s hard to believe that my baby turned 1. Where did that time go? This past year has probably been one of the best and fastest years of my life. Watching your second child grow up goes much faster than the first.

I knew his birthday was going to come really fast so I started planning it months in advance. We decided to keep it small and intimate with just family. I always love getting our family together. We had them come over in the afternoon so that when Axel woke up he would be all bright eyed, bushy tailed and happy to see everyone.

The theme for Axels 1st birthday was tough to decide but we finally all settled on a vintage airplane theme. I knew I wanted something a bit different and the theme “Time Flies” was perfect.

vintage airplane table set

The week before his birthday I had a good friend of mine from Lonepine Imagery come over to shoot his 1st Birthday photos. I wanted to have a themed picture for my family to take home on the big day. She was great and patient dealing with a super active 1 year old, not to mention a little wild too. On top of it all off she was 9 months pregnant and ready to have her baby at any moment. She captured some great shots though. 

vintage airplane birthday 

I wanted to make Axel’s 1st Birthday memorable and not skimp out on any details. Here are some of my favourite elements from his party.  vintage airplane tablescapemonth by month banner garland

I found this amazing vintage airplane that I wanted to use as a cake topper. One of my friends from Butter Love Baking made a sweet and simple Birthday cake along with a smash cake to match.  The cake was delicious and everyone enjoyed it. However, Axel was not into the smash cake at all. Trying to get him to have any was nearly impossible, at least it looked cute :) She also made these amazing cookies for everyone to take home. They went perfect with our theme.

   vintage airplane cake       vintage airplane cookies

Both Jenna and I absolutely love creating balloon clouds so I knew that this was something that would be a perfect fit (stay tuned for a later post on how to create your own DIY balloon cloud). I added a vintage plane balloon and couldn’t have been happier with it. To top it off, when the party was finished the kids had so much fun for days playing with it.

balloon cloud

All of the elements came together so lovely for his birthday that we decided to add it to our party box collection. Check out our Vintage Airplane Box for all the details included in the box. We hope your little pilot will love it as much as mine did

vintage airplane birthday invitationvintage airplane party in a box

Until next time, Keep Partyin’

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