8 Ways to Keep the Party Alive!

8 ways to keep the party alive


Traditional parties? Nope - not now! Nicole and I find ourselves working from home - separately. #socialdistancing. Also trying to juggle the kids and get stuff done! I bet there is a tone of you in the same boat. If we are looking on the bright side, it is certainly nice to have family time together and to just see everything slow down. Getting to spend time together making delicious dinners, playing outside and some serious deep cleaning in the house as been a nice change. 

However we certainly recognize that it is a scary time for a lot of people. As we continue to do our part, it's important to keep some normality for our kids. So although not a traditional party - here are some of our favourite ways to celebrate and create some super awesome family memories. 

Movie Night Tickets resting on Popcorn MOVIE NIGHT IN Super easy right? Get your kiddos to grab their sleeping bags. Fill a bowl with popcorn and lay out some yummy treats. If you don’t have Disney+ - they have a free trial for 7 days. We started with Toy Story and will make our way through the series over the coming weeks.
Lady with head wrapped in a towel enjoying a spa day SPA DAY Yes please! Grab the hand lotion, cucumber slices and nail polish. My 5 year old daughter got a kick out of giving her dad a foot massage as he relaxed with cucumbers on his eyes :)
Indoor Camping Picture of Mom and Daughter INDOOR CAMPING Check out our post about Indoor Camping. Even comes with a recipe for a delicious treat.
Picture of a scavenger hunt map SCAVENGER HUNT Here in Muskoka, there is some pretty awesome community spirit! A Facebook group was started up with project hearts- multiple families posting paper hearts (in all colours) in their window. So when your out walking, or feel like taking a drive around the neighbourhood, your kids can count how many hearts they can find. This group has been taking votes on different symbols to post on a weekly basis. Next week watch for  Emoji’s!
Picnic Basket and flowers OUTDOOR PLAY + PICNIC We bundled up and headed out to some remote walking trails, and brought along our inflatable tube. We packed a scrumptious picnic lunch and enjoyed fully dressed in our snowsuits. Bonus is that the drinks stay nice and cold :)
Cupcakes  CUPCAKE DECORATING CONTEST Pull out that cake mix that has been hiding in the back cupboard. Grab some icing, sprinkles and let the creative juices flow. Everyone in the family decorates a cupcake . Snap a photo and post to your Facebook page. Ask your friends/family to vote on the winning cupcake! 
Video Snapper  VIDEO BIRTHDAY MESSAGES Take a peek at your calendar, or even look ahead at the Birthdays on Facebook. Record a simple birthday message and maybe something that you like or miss about that person. Remember to forward the video to them on their special day. Guaranteed it will spread some cheer and fill their buckets!
Sending everyone lots of cheer, hope and patience during a challenging time. 
Until Next Time, 
Keep Partyin'

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